Mouse dbc2

We cloned the mouse counterpart of DBC2 and registered its genomic sequence (AF420002) and cDNA (AF420001) in a public database.

Animal models have contributed to better understanding of human disorders and newly isolated molecules. We hope that our efforts to establish mouse models will facilitate understanding functions of DBC2.

RAS-BTB gene family contains DBC2 and two other human genes. There are also three RAS-BTB's in mouse genome. These genes were compared by computational analysis to confirm that AF420001 is the counterpart..

Figure. Distance analysis of RAS-BTB (Phylogenic tree)

Human and mouse genes are listed in red and blue, respectively. The length of a horizontal line is proportional to estimated divergence along each branch. Accession numbers of the genes are listed following the designation of the organism: "Hs" stands for Homo sapiens, "Mm" for Mus musculus, "Dm" for Drosophila melanogaster, and "Dd" for Dictyostelium discoideum..

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